The song that students created with their Music teacher Ms Maria Xenidou. The sang it all together with the friends – partners of all the schools which participated in the LTE Greece

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Our common drama

A story written by pupils from all partner countries and perforned together during the LTE Greece, in December at 1st Primary School of Perama

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Robot projects – Greek robotics project

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An odd Easter bunny by Portugal

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Thw wizard of Calheta

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“ODD” Comic from Portugal

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TM Greece -Perama

Monday 27/05/2019 10.00 Visit the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio 12.30 – 14.00 Lunch and discussion about the story to be used in the evaluation
activity. Decide which one we want for each group of kids and set appropriate questionnaire 14.30 – 16.00 Return to Piraeus 16.00– 19.00 Visit
Piraeus coast and dinner

Tuesday 28/05/2019 8.30 Arrival to 1st Primary School of Perama. Welcome by pupils and teachers 9.30 – 13.30
Dissemination workshop, upload any material to the project site 13.30 – 16.00 Lunch at school 16.00– 19.00 Tour in Perama and dinner

29/05/2019 8.30 Arrival to 1st Primary School of Perama. 9.30 – 13.30 Dissemination workshop, upload any material to the project site 13.30 – 16.00
Lunch in Perama 16.00– 19.00 Guided tour in Piraeus and dinner

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TM Spain – Logrosan

TM  in Logrosan, Spain.
The educational journey lasted one week, from Friday, March 8th to Wednesday, March 14th.
We went to Logrosan by bus on Sunday, March 10th.
On Monday, March, 11th community-based reception activities were held involving teachers, school pupils and teachers from the Erasmus Plus countries, on gender equality. Subsequently, followed a visit and guided tour to the local mine, which was a major source of revenue and growth for the area in the past, a meeting with the Mayor of Logrosan and a lunch at the City Hall with traditional local Spanish cuisine. Afterwards a teacher meeting was held at the school to discuss issues related to the program. The day was completed with a show of traditional dances and music at the cultural center of Logrosan and dinner.On Tuesday March, 12th, we visited the nearby town of Caceres and we had a meeting with the School Inspector and the Educational Authorities at Provincial Delegation Office where the Program was presented and educational issues were discussed. Then a guided tour of the historic city center and lunch at a local restaurant were followed. The day ended with the transition and a free tour in Trujillo.A teacher meeting was held on Wednesday, March 13th morning, with discussion of program-related topics and instructions for the next meeting. A visit was organized to the city of Merida where we were guided to the ancient theater, the amphitheater and the national museum of Merida. There, followed lunch and free tour, return to Logrosan and a farewell dinner at a local restaurant.
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LTE Greece

The second LTE took place in Perama, Greece.
3/12/2018Pupils and teachers from the partner countries were welcomed in the 1st Primary School of Perama. Since the arrival day coincided with the International Day of Disabled People, the host country pupils demonstrated outdoor sport activities designed for people with disabilities. Then all pupils joined to try their best at these activities.Afterwards, Greek pupils danced traditional dances from different parts of Greece. They returned to their classes, accompanied by their friends from other countries. Greek pupils introduced the paintings on the classroom walls created by KETHEA members and them.Parents welcomed foreign pupils and teachers by cooking traditional greek meals. Lunch with all guests, teachers and parents and pupils of the 6th grade took place in school.When they finished lunch, pupils rehearsed their roles for the common segmented drama.In the evening, a tour guide at Piraeus took place.
4/12/2018Pupils of the 6th grade joined the guests and visited together Athens planetarium. It was a planned excursion that Greek pupils have every year and guests followed their ordinary schedule. Then, they visited the newly constructed Stavros Niarchos foundation. A guided tour was offered by the foundation and pupils had time for some outdoor play. Then they returned to the hotel in Piraeus.
5/12/20184th graders, their teachers and all the guests had a guided visit to the Acropolis museum. Then, the guests went for a walk in Plaka and afterwards up to the Acropolis’ Rock. By evening, pupils and teachers had dinner in Athens and returned to the hotel.
6/12/2018Official day off for our school, as Saint Nicolaus is the patron of the city. Pupils and teachers went together in an educational excursion to Epidaurus Ancient Theatre, as their main activity was a common drama. Then they visited the city of Nafplion, had lunch and returned to Piraeus.
7/12/2019The day started with a brief meeting with the Major and then a guided boat trip around Saronicos gulf offered by the Municipality. Teachers from partner countries and teachers from Perama had lunch together at school, while all guest pupils were offered lunch at Greek pupils’ homes. In the afternoon, the segmented drama took place with pupils from all the countries. Members of KETHEA were present and a representative took up a very small, but significant role, at the end of the drama. 

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TM in Poland – Brodnica

01/10/2018  to 04/10/2018

  We visited the Zespol Szkolno Przedszkolny nr 2 w Brodnicy where we received  a warm welcome by students of the school in a short show / presentation.We admired the products of the Art contest which took place during the first year of the project “the odd one…IN!” and we all congratulated the little students on their success and creativity. 

We had a meeting about the project where we evaluated the already completed activities and discussed about the comic activity which has to be finished by all the partners until our next LTE in Greece.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant with teachers of the host school.

We attended a lesson presentation by mrs Marzena Majka Kaszynska who works with students with learning disabilities. We watched the various activities she had organised in the integration class and the use of ICT in teaching homophones. Same sounds but different meanings. We had a panel discussion and exchange of views and pedagogical experience on children with “special abilities” and special educational needs.We discussed about the Drama activity in common which we have to prepare and try to present in common as well during the LTE in Greece. We exchanged ideas and we ended up with the final form that our segmented play will have. 

We had a short tour of the city of Brodnica and then dinner with teachers of the school.
Trip to Torun, the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. A controversial and odd mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe different from what had already been known by Aristarchus of Samos. This new model placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the centre of the universe and raised a lot of argument.

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