Teleconference 16/11/2018 Odd + Sports!

Students from all 6 countries met online on 16/11/2018, 9:30 CET and presented odd characters in sports or odd sports. It is evident that athletes and sports are not always the ones we are used to! Disability, difficulties or extreme characteristics should not hold us back from achieving our goals, as everyone has the right to succeed.

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First LTE in Brasov, Romania

It is the 3rd meeting of our Erasmus+ project The odd one …IN!
This time, it is our pupils that experienced  an intercultural training event. They exchanged traditional games, which turned out to be similar or even identical in several countries and had fun climbing, playing with the snow and making craftwork!
Children and teachers will never forget the exceptional hosting from the Romanian partners from  Școala Gimnazială Nr. 9 „Nicolae Orghidan” Brașov, România. We love Brasov!

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Second Transnational Meeting in Italy

In Sicily, Piazza Armerina, the second meeting of the partners of the European program Erasmus + KA2 (The odd one …. IN!)  took place from 3-3 2018 to 8-3-2018. The 1st Primary school  of Perama, as coordinators, presented  suggestions for the cross curriculum approach of our program, highlighting the work that their pupils have already completed with the teachers who make up the Pedagogical Group. The other partners presented their work done so far and they also gave suggestions. Views were exchanged and the next meeting in Brasov, Romania was jointly planned. It was a creative meeting with beautiful activities and excellent hospitality from the Italian part.

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Meeting in Madeira (4th – 6th December 2017 )

Pictures from the meeting in MadeiraOur first meeting took place in Madeira with participants from all six countries, namely:

Nikoleta and Eleni from Greece, Elieli and Lucia from Italy,  Cornelia and Camelia from Romania, Majka and Oksana from Poland, Enrique and Monica from Spain and our hosts Nelia and Ricardo.

We have decided on the next mutual tasks to take place, which is a teleconferec e with our students for Christmas, making student accounts on eTwinning and the tasks to be presented during the next meeting in Italy.


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Our Erasmus + Project on eTwinning

Our students are working hard! We publish their creations and photos on project’s TwinSpace:

Thanks to our eTwinning ambassador Cornelia Melcu!

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